Advice for Presenters

If you are presenting your research in a poster (Scholar-to-Scholar) or high density session, AEJMC’s website has some good advice for you here.

If you are presenting your research in a standard research session, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your presentation simple. Remember how much more difficult it can be to process information you hear vs. information you read.
  • DO NOT read your paper (or sections of it) verbatim. You will lose your audience’s attention very quickly! Summarize the most important messages and deliver the highlights of your findings.
  • While you may be given up to 15 minutes to present, you should aim to keep your presentation to 8-10 minutes if possible. If you do a PowerPoint presentation, this is roughly 9-10 slides. Practice beforehand and time yourself. Have a friend give you feedback and note the places where you tend to drag or get slowed down.
  • Don’t expect that your research presentation should serve as an alternative to reading your paper. It should serve to get audience members interested in reading the paper and give them an idea of what your research questions are and how you approached them, but they will need to read the paper themselves to get all of the details.
  • Don’t use your PowerPoint presentation as a crutch. Technology does fail sometimes! Always have a plan B.

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